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16 - 18 AugustÖrnö - Stockholm's archipelago

Skaka Loss 

East African Dance Camp 

with Hodi and Kuvumbana

You are invited to explore dance, music and singing in a community setting. You are welcome to share a weekend of dancing, cultural exchange and exploring of the Eastern African spirit and roots. If you have heard of the Mozambique Afro Swing Exchange organized by Hodi, this could be called a "Mini-MASX" =)

With world class teachers we don’t limit this experience to advanced dancers but invite anyone who wants to unite around rhythm and dance. With the privilege of having Hodi Dance company from Mozambique in Sweden we want to invite you to something special. Hodi and Kuvumbana together add up to 20 artists and we will be the teachers for you! Take your chance, there are only 20 spots!

Hodi Dance Company
, has the objective of research dissemination and divulgation of traditional Mozambican music and dancing. They are one of the foremost dance groups in Southern Africa famous for their energy, passion and emotional expressions presented in the different traditional dances representing Mozambique from the north to the south. 

means "union" in the language Changana from Mozambique and is a Sweden based traditional dance group with professional dancers and musicians from Sweden, Mozambique, Kenya and Tanzania. Through their dance and music they show that the passion, expression and love in the traditional dances from Southern and Eastern Africa are for everyone and can bring the world together as one.

Skaka Loss
, which means Shake it Loose in Swedish, has for over three years united people in Stockholm around the drum to dance as a community. No matter where you are from, who you are, you are welcome. Skaka Loss as a concept goes beyond dance moves and choreographies to find our inner dancer, where we can express our emotions, connecting ourselves to the African Roots. We don’t see any contradiction in celebrating the differences of the thousands of tribes and different cultures and costumes of the African continent, but at the same time acknowledging what is it that brings African peoples together. When we talk about African Roots we refer to: The rhythm and the drum, the emotional expression and storytelling, the energy and body movements, the community and the spiritual connection. It comes down to inviting every individual to be their authentic self with the help of the music. These rich cultures can show us who we can be through learning the different traditional dances. Skaka Loss is a dance concept with the purpose of healing and community building while honoring the wisdom of African cultures.

Skaka Loss East African Dance Camp will offer you:

- 10 hours of dance classes! Skaka Loss and traditional dances from Mozambique, Kenya and Tanzania with professional dancers from Hodi and Kuvumbana
- 6 meals and fika. We will together cook African food from Mozambique, Kenya and Tanzania.
- Live music with dance performance with Hodi and Kuvumbana- Discussion about cultural values and the significance of dance as a mean of personal growth.
- An open fire party with drum class and dance all night long.
- A place to be yourself

Teachers and Musicians:


Celso Paco (Moz)
Kabara Kabamba (Tanz)
Dennis Jahzino Wandera (Ken)
Lisa Josefsson (Swe)
Sony Soniz (Ken)
Faith Wangui  (Ken)
Josephat Gushu (Ken)
Carl Johan Rehbinder (Swe)

Hodi - Mozambique
Eugénio Macuvel
Erzénia Tamele
Judite Novela
Jossefa Macuacua
Nilégio Cossa
Victória Matangala
Alexandre Soquisso
Elias Manhiça
Augusto Manhiça
Domingos Zavala 
Manuel Manhiça 
Carlos Machava
Vasco André Wate (Mitó)

Main organizer: Lisa Josefsson tel: +46708-686784

For questions contact our communicator Spela at:

All you need to know!

Co-creation! We will co-create the weekend, cook together, hang out together, clean together and if you have a something to offer let us know! 

For whom? We like to gather people from around the world, different ages, sizes and dance experience. 

Children. There will not be any specific kids activities, but if there is space, kids are welcome, contact us for more info!

Where? Ornö, an Island outside Dalarö, around 45 min drive from Stockholm plus 30 min ferry. We will be hosted on an old farm with a barn with a dance floor on the loft. It is situated just by a lake and there is a sauna!

How to get there! By buss: Take local buss from Gullmarsplan to "Dalarö Hotellbrygga and match with the ferry leaving 12.30 (there are also ferries 14.30-19.30 every hour) Then we can pick you up by the ferry. By car: Drive to Dalarö hotellbrygga and match one of the ferries and then follow the description you will receive upon registration.

Times: Friday 16th 13:00 - Sunday 18th 18.00 (Ferry leaving from Dalarö to Ornö Fri 12.30, leaving Sunday 18.30)

Housing: Bring your own tent! If you have special needs contact us since there are a few beds indoor available.

Showers: Haha, there are non!!! Enjoy the fresh water in the lake to get yourself clean. Bring eco friendly soap or shampoo, we will also make sure there is some available. 

Pricing: Price until July 16th: 2250 SEKPrice after July 16th: 2750 SEKDoes it feel expensive considering you will be camping and helping out with cooking? Remember, this is a rare opportunity, there are 20 teachers and 20 participants and you will learn how to cook African food, it will be worth it!!

Cancelation policy: The deadline for cancelling your participation is two weeks before the camp, Aug 2nd. Prior to this date, the deposit will be reimbursed minus 500Sek. You can always sell you ticket to someone else in the last minute.

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Organized by

Kuvumbana & Hodi